Dear God, thank you notes to God from baby boys and girls...
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A perfect gift for every child

Dear God, thank you notes to God from boys and girls...

Every page is a prayer and every prayer is a rhyme that reminds children, as well as their parents, to be thankful for even the simple things in life.

The Dear God series of board books for children provides a unique blend of prayer and education for young developing minds. Read along or sing along as baby boys and girls give thanks to God for the many special blessings that have been sent their way.

Children are drawn to page after page of clever rhymes set in brilliant bold colors filled with whimsical illustrations. These nationally-acclaimed board books stimulate infants and toddlers as they read, learn, and laugh through the simple language of prayer.

Everybody knows somebody who has a child or a grandchild. Dear God is the perfect gift for those special friends in your life.


All profits from the sale of these books will be donated to charity. Please see the "Charities" section of this site to learn more about the wonderful organizations that will benefit from the sale of these books.


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